5 Commonly Outsourced Business Processes

DynamicBusiness.com.au shares five processes that can be easily outsourced by businesses.

1. Small and one-time projects. Basically, anything that can be done or delivered using the internet can be outsourced nowadays.  This business model has flourished because of the number of tasks that is subcontracted to freelancers and third-party experts. One thing to take note of is that providers pride themselves in doing a great job, because generating good feedback and publicity is their way of getting more business and projects.

2. Photography. Not everyone who has an expensive camera is an expert photographer – especially in this day and age when cameras are quickly being upgraded and devalued at the same time, and pictures are taken constantly and are immediately considered art just because the person used the digital photo filter installed in his/her gadget.  Taking the right shot at the right moment and setting requires a specific skill, which is why some firms prefer to subcontract the job to professionals.

3. Administrative/Repetitive tasks
. Business people are always on the go. If you are one of them, you probably don’t have the time to scout for the perfect venue for a company event, call suppliers, and answer emails. This is where the virtual assistant steps in. Your virtual assistant will be working remotely and will handle all your emails and contacts for you, so you can concentrate on more important meetings and work.

4. Accounting and bookkeeping.  Outsourcing accounting work is considered taboo by many organizations. But some consider it as a great strategy as they no longer have to worry about having to coordinate with an in-house finance department.

5. Graphic design projects. The demand for one-time graphic design work shot up during the past few years. Businesses saw that it is more economical to outsource graphic design work to freelancers or service providers.

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