Admin Assistant

Details about hiring an Admin Assistant from HLF


Your new Admin Assistant will come pre-trained to handle;

Managing Billing, Payroll Prep, Minor Accounting, Account Management, Quick Books Management, Personal Assistant tasks, Email Management, Document Prep, Research & Development, Scheduling & Confirming Appointments, Daily Reports, Tracking their own hours! And a whole lot more!

Additional tasks will be trained and outlined by yourself.

Part-Time (20 hours) – Starting at $180/week

Full-Time (40 hours) – Starting at $320/week


No! Whatever is best to fit your needs, we can help to show you how to train your Virtual Assistant to fulfill almost any task you need online. Often times VA’s turn into vital supporting roles in your business by learning how to be the most essential while on the job.

Anywhere from 5-10 business days. We often have people on standby waiting for clients like yourself to employ them, in the instances that we don’t, we’ve got to scout, interview, pre-train, and then implement them into your business.

Well, first off, we’re going to have you do the final round of interviews and select your top choice.

If you end up not liking them we replace 1 person per position for free. After that, it’s a $100 replacement fee to change to a new staff member.

After the 2 week trial period when you’re satisfied with the employee we’ve staffed it’s a 6-month agreement. During the time of the agreement, we’re flexible to change/swap the employee if/when needed.

Deposit for part time is $200
Deposit for full time is $300

1 free employee swap. After that $100 per swap.

If you’re paying via credit/debit card there’s a 3% processing fee.

It’s proper to give a raise after your employees first 90 day period of anywhere from $0.25/hour – $0.75/hour (up to you).

There are no additional fees.

By limiting the access to what they can do inside of your accounting portals. Logins that only allow read authentication, 1password software that doesn’t give them your actual login credentials but gives them access to what they need to do their job.

There are many ways to protect yourself and we can help you through the process when implementing them into your company!