Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

The benefits from hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) are numerous and well documented. Advances in technology have made working with anyone, anywhere in the world possible – as long as they have a high-speed internet connection. We are now in a phase where everything can be done virtually. Of course companies still hire administrative assistants who gets a regular payroll even on quiet times but virtual administrative assistants are now available to work for you only when you need them and get paid only by the work they’ve done! Here are the top four benefits of a virtual administrative assistant, or VA:

1. A VA saves you time

Obviously, virtual assistants may save time for you by handling tasks you need to be done without interfering with the tasks your employees need to focus on. Many of these tasks includes organizing and managing your emails, addressing support requests, phone messages, and social media posts. Your company can run smoothly without unwanted interruptions due to scheduling the calendar and other tasks needed to be done in a regular manner from day to day.

2. A VA saves you money

Having a VA saves you office space, and you don’t need to put another person on your payroll. You also do not need to purchase new equipment like computers or telephones. Your VA will also not require you to pay additional taxes, benefits and other hidden costs associated with hiring and firing.

3. A VA saves you headaches

CEOs must have a clear vision for the future and goal setting abilities, but these important tasks are often overshadowed by busy work that can be handled by your VA. VAs can handle all those tedious daily tasks you need to attend to so you can focus on growth. VAs can decrease your daily headaches, and help you keep everything organized to keep your business running smoothly. As a CEO, when you feel confident that everything is operating smoothly in the background, he or she can hyper focus on business growth and strategy.

4. A VA can make your fixed cost variable

Companies still hire administrative assistants who gets a regular payroll – even during quiet times. But VAs are often available to work only when you need them, and they only get paid for the work they’ve done. Everything you’re outsourcing to a VA is a function that you’re not hiring a salaried employee to perform. And it’s not just manpower either. Why should your business pay for the latest computers and software? Instead, by outsourcing administrative tasks to a VA, you don’t have to pay the price of obsolescence, which can be extremely high in the world of IT. Your customers will have absolutely no idea where the work is being performed, and they probably wouldn’t care if they did know.

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