Hire Like Fire Stands With the Black Lives Matter Movement

Our Commitment to Listen, Learn, and Do Better. 

Loving your country doesn’t mean just turning a blind eye to its faults. The recent events regarding the lives and hardships of our BIPOC community have collectively broken the illusion and opened our eyes to the reality that has been right in front of us for years. It violently shook us awake to the suffering and injustice they face every single day. Loving your country means getting involved and pushing for change. Here at Hire Like Fire, we want you to know that we stand with the BIPOC community. 


Our Commitment

As our eyes have been opened to the injustice of the BIPOC community, we have also come to realize the privilege that we have gained through this unjust system. It is our commitment to learn and unlearn, to listen, and to give space for our BIPOC members to flourish. We are making it our top commitment to do better and be better at taking care of one another. 

We, as a company, believe in investing in others while advocating and supporting environmental and humanitarian causes. That said, we are committing to donating to Black Lives Matter organizations to help create a better present and a better future. 


Keeping Our Foot on the Gas

We know and understand that these changes will not happen overnight. This is why it is essential that we keep pushing for change. This is why it is important that we keep giving space for BIPOC voices. This is why we do not stop educating ourselves and others. It is time for us to start listening and to start getting involved. It is time to let go of and to change this system of oppression and be open to unlearning so we can heal towards a better future. Black Lives Matter.